Please. I'm not a fangirl, okay? Don't think that of me.
It's just that. I've hurted with these bands, with their music. When I was down, the music was there. When I was happy, the music was there. When I was so angry it took all I had not to punch something, the music was still there. It's helped me through the bad times, and it's carried me through the good times. And the people. The people who write that glorious music, they think like I do.  Most of them, they've gone through the same things I'm going through now. And it makes me feel kind I'm not alone. When I'm at a show, and I'm bouncing around to the music with everyone else, I feel like I'm part of something great. The artists and their words make me realize that I'm part of a movement. And so if I'm screaming or dancing at a concert, that's why. I can't help myself.
And if that makes me a fangirl, then goddammit.
Hello. My name is Rachel and I am a music addict.